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Do all raccoons have rabies?

Do all raccoons have rabies?

Many people look at Saint Louis raccoons and see they are amazing animals and want to keep them as pets. However, it is determined that Saint Louis raccoons will cause harm like biting, and some of them might have rabies. The ones that are in the wild are huge carriers or the disease, but the domesticated ones do not have rabies.
When you find a Saint Louis raccoon, you need to make sure:
• It does not bite
• Is well caged
• Take it for testing
• Rely on services from a rehabilitator
Once you do this, you have the chance of getting to know the Saint Louis raccoon you have if it is infected. Some raccoons become violent when you try to destroy their nest and this means they shall start biting. You need to go for testing to find out if you have been infected.

Take it for testing
There are many Saint Louis animal doctors and they have the chance of testing the raccoon to find out if it has rabies or not. This is the only sure way to find out if you are keeping a raccoon, which has a disease. However, some raccoons do not have rabies and this means they are not deadly when they bite.

Do not adapt it as a pet
You do not want to pick a Saint Louis raccoon from the street and adapt it as a pet without conducting massive tests. It is all about getting to know the details and take it for good grooming and testing. The vet shall have the capacity of determining if it has rabies or not, and if you have the rights of adapting it.

Ensure it does not bite
When clearing the nests of Saint Louis raccoons, or trying to capture them, you need to make sure it will not bite. This is the only guarantee you have this shall enable you to remain safe even if the raccoon does not have rabies. It is all about knowing the best way of dealing with raccoons without getting in personal contact.

Cage the raccoon
You need to take into consideration safety measures when you cage a Saint Louis raccoon. In some cases, you find the raccoon does rehabilitator, and this shall enable you to obtain good results. it is all about getting to know your needs, and choosing a reliable and efficient Saint Louis company, which shall handle it accordingly.

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