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  • Saint Louis Educational Article of the Month - Do mice chew on wires?

Do mice chew on wires?

Do mice chew on wires?

It is often a common question that people ask: "Do mice chew on wire and why?" Often the answer is a yes but we aren't quite sure why or we don't even get a clear reason why. Hopefully, this article will help you understand the reasons behind why mice end up chewing on wires in homes and other important information about when mice chew on wires.

The Quick Answer
The straightforward answer is that, yes. Saint Louis mice are often found to have chewed on electrical wirings found especially those found in the attic. There many electrical wires found up there in the attic. It is basically like a "wire buffet" for them!

Common Items
• Kitchen light circuits
• Dining room light circuits
• Bathroom light circuits and outlets
• Outdoor outlets
• Bedroom outlets
• Wires behind walls
These Saint Louis mice will often chew through insulations and wires just so that they can find good places to feed or build their nests.

Mice Behavior
Speaking of charateristic behaviors of mice, mice will often chew and gnaw because it is in their behavior to do so. Mice will often gnaw in order to keep their teeth sharp and well maintained. As was mentioned briefly before, mice are often found in attics because these are the best places for them to live and breed. Many electrical wires are found in the attic as well which mice can't resist chewing on.

Fire hazards
These mice and other vermin create potential fire hazards when the do chew on these electrical wires especially wires that cross with the wood of the Saint Louis building or house. This such a combination for a fire hazard that it is very important that these mice be disposed of quickly before they cause even further damage to the house and potentially the people living there. Just think, what if there was a fire caused by chewed up electrical wire, right?

Mice will often chew on wires. It is a behavior ingrained in them. These wires will often be potential fire hazards if not taken cared of immediately. It is important for the safety and protection of your house and the residents therein, that any kind of Saint Louis mice problem that you may have be dealt with the utmost care and speed so as not to create even bigger and potentially more harmful situations inside your Saint Louis home. Hopefully, this article has given you are better idea of why mice chew on wires and the potential risks involved when they do so.

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